Heart Driven

Our history

Heart Driven was formed in Barcelona in 2015 by Albert and Pere, two lovers of motorbikes and of their city.

Albert and Pere, linked to the Harley Davidson world for more than 20 years, want to give the tourists visiting Barcelona a unique and different experience.

Take a panoramic Tour and discover the many features which make this Mediterranean city a very special place.

A city which offers you gourmet food, shopping, art, history, nature, beaches and fun.

The Harley Days, the most important annual Harley Davidson event in Europe, have already made Barcelona an essential meeting for lovers and enthusiasts of this legendary brand. It is not by chance that we are in one of the world cities with the largest number of motorbikes.

Can you imagine riding a Harley Davidson around, seeing Modernist architecture by Antoni Gaudí, the Barcelona 1992 Olympic stadium and going round the city’s old Formula 1 circuit?

The 4 hours of the Tour allow us, also, to take a short route through the mountains surrounding the city, giving us the finest views.

Our aim is to give you an unforgettable day.


The motorbikes


All our motorbikes are the Harley Davidson Sportster model, the most long-lived and classical of the brand, “A star for 50 years”. It is the only model to have been built by the Milwaukee firm continuously for more than 50 years, making it a true H-D icon.

The Sportster first appeared 1957 for competition against the light, fast, British two-cylinder bikes. This was the beginning of the Sportster legend, which is even today, 5 decades later, the model preferred by many riders for its lightness, comfort and easy handling.

It was after 1958 that the characteristic “Peanut” fuel tank was first used, a shape has lasted until our own days and which so identifies the bike and makes it different from other models on the market.

Many famous people have owned this legendary model, such as Elvis, Marlon Brando, among others, thus adding freshness and freedom to their outstanding personalities.

Its easy riding makes it the ideal motorbike for use around the city and also for going out of town, ensuring even more, if possible, that feeling of freedom that only a Harley Davidson can give. It is the finest option to change a journey into a great experience.

And like every good Harley Davidson, every one of them is different, has its own features and personality, all that makes it special.

Also in our fleet we have a real treasure, an Electra Glide Classic Sidecar, which our guide rides and with which you can enjoy this exclusive Tour with your family (2 adults or 3 children).

And you, which one do you identify with? Choose the one you like best and live the Legend!!! 

The city

Barcelona is one of the finest cities for tourism, with its enormous offer of culture, architecture, sports, gastronomy and leisure.

The early history of the city has left great works to be admired, mixing various styles such as Romanesque, Gothic, Modernist and many others.

On the Heart Driven tour you can enjoy the historical legacy of Barcelona while combining it with the more modern and cosmopolitan part of the city.

Sporting Barcelona, shopping Barcelona, panoramic Barcelona, all give us a great many places to be seen while we enjoy the sensation of freedom riding a Harley Davidson Sportster.

The Heart Driven route brings you to outstanding places in the city, streets with a special meaning, riding between sea and mountain for surprising views of Barcelona that you will not believe, taking away with you a different Barcelona experience.

Live Barcelona as never before. Let yourself go with the HD two-wheelers!