Tour Vinícola: See Barcelona from the wine-side of life

Tour Vinícola: See Barcelona from the wine-side of life

Free spirits like we are love the streets, we love to feel the asphalt under our bikes and we love to explore the streets and places of Barcelona – in the same way like our clients do. Although we are always looking for you for new breathtaking places and exciting roods to present you Barcelona from another and not common side. Convenient to your last tour in the Heart Driven BlogTour Gastronomía – we have now arrange a new tour. The Tour Vinícola for all the gourmets of wine, wine lovers and all people which are interested in the handcraft of wine producing.

No matter if it´s after work in the evening, to finish the day, together with the family or friends or as a present – wine is more than a luxury food. It is the perfect attendant to every kind of occasion and a valuable cultural asset. Grown on steep hillsides and different grounds, with varied aromatic flavors and colors represent wine all what is important and fascinating for us and our clients: a boundless variety and the possibility to discover new things under the heaven and on the streets of Barcelona on the saddle of the Harley with wind in the hair.

Our Harley-Tour Vinícola starts at the city of Barcelona and lead us over soft hills and a breathtaking countryside with an unbelievable view and a little breeze from the sea to one of the oldest wine-growing areas of Spain: las cavas d´Alella.  There we will visit the wine-grower family Cerdà which usually does the traditionally trade and produces their soft and colorful quality wines according to the old rules of wine producing in their estate las cavas bouquet d´Alella.

For more than 25 years the family cultivate their wines under best conditions on a surface of 13 hectares. The low-lying near the sea, the constant influence of the sun and the soft sea breeze create the soft, full-bodied and aromatic wines. After our visit in the vineyards and a wine testing our journey will end where it starts: on the saddle of the Harley in the city of Barcelona

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