Museo Moto Barcelona and Heart Driven: A cooperation by motor-lovers for motor-lovers

Museo Moto Barcelona and Heart Driven: A cooperation by motor-lovers for motor-lovers

You are a passionate biker and you prefer nothing more than spend your free time on the streets? You are interested in Harley, Sportster and Co and you would like to know more about their histories, backgrounds and their construction? Then we can offer you a special free time program which fits in your interests.

We have agreed an exclusive cooperation with the Museo Moto Barcelona for all our clients and also the visitors of the museum. In the framework of this cooperation all the Heart Driven clients get a 2 x 1 discount for the visit of the Museo Moto Barcelona. That means you can visit the museum together with a friend or a family member and only one person have to pay the entrance. The other is free.

In Return all the visitors of the museum get a 20 percent discount from us for all our services. That means this discount is not only for a reservation of a Heart Driven-Tour. The visitors of the Museo Moto Barcelona get the 20 percent discount also if they would like to rent a motorbike from Heart Driven.

We as two wheel-lovers know which kind of fascination get out of the bikes. But we also still know which interesting details are hiding behind the steel front, the motors and the sounds.

The Museo Moto Barcelona which opened in 2011 an was founded by the Soler Family offers with it not only interesting insights for adolescents into the world of Harley, Sportster and Co. Also little visitors learn all about social, political and technological changes in the society and the history in the framework of different educational workshops. The museum transport the spirit of the Soler Family which were very interested in motorbikes them self and spent their whole life with the two wheels. The bikes which are exhibited inside the museum create a very special flair, wake up memories on former epochs and lead all visitors in another time as ride a bike felt different and the noises sounded different as these days.

No matter if you like to visit the museum first or you would first like to let the Harley pass over the streets of Barcelona together with us – our aim with this cooperation was and is not only to make a very close experience with motorbikes possible but also to offer very interesting and extensive information, in the way you could not find it somewhere.

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