Appreciating Barcelona from Tibidabo

Appreciating Barcelona from Tibidabo

Barcelona is a city with many faces: there is night-time Barcelona, daytime ​​Barcelona, cultural Barcelona and the Barcelona of strolling by the sea… Yet there is a way to enjoy Barcelona that not all visitors take advantage of and which is to admire the city in the views you get from Tibidabo.

Tibidabo is a mountain in the Serra de Collserola, the range that borders the city of Barcelona. The highest point of this mountain is at 516 m above sea level, an altitude that is sufficient to provide one of the most spectacular views of the city of Barcelona. When you are on top of Tibidabo you can see the skyline of the city and how it merges with the sea.

Although you are close to a big city, on top of this mountain you can breathe fresh air and on many occasions enjoy the nature provided by the Serra de Collserola Natural Park. This Barcelona is the one that is least sold in terms of tourism, yet it is also one of the many faces of the city that at Heart Driven we like to show. And what better way to do it than on our Panoramic Tour on a Harley or in a sidecar!

We’d like to invite you to take this great opportunity to see Barcelona as you’d never imagined it.

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